Quality Property Maintenance

4167 Avenida De La Plata, Suite 112
Oceanside CA 92056 United States


Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

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Quality Property Maintenance - reviewed 8 years ago

“We have known and worked with Quality Property Maintenance for almost twenty years. In all of our dealings with them on a professional basis, they have always been so positive and upbeat. We have come to rely on them to repair any number of problems -major and minor– that have surfaced. In our experience, they always respond to our calls promptly, and with skilled craftsmen who have always done a top notch job to remedy our issues. Adjectives that come to mind when describing [the QPM team] are—in our opinion–trustworthy, reliable, honest, competent, kind, cheerful and courteous.”

Michael and Marlene Teitelman

La Costa, Ca.

Best Team in Orange County - reviewed 8 years ago

“I just want to say that since we’ve been using [the QPM] team … I’ve been really impressed with how awesome they are. I was lucky enough to “be sick” today and work from home so I saw them a lot and as always they are so careful with the building and our security. They answer questions and help residents such as opening doors or offering guidance and I think the work they do is up to the quality we expect.
I’ll call this out at the next board meeting.”

Dave Koii

Board of Directors

Harbor Lofts Association

Anaheim, Ca.