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Phoenix AZ 85012 USA
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cdrgroupinc - reviewed 9 years ago

Now I am safely installed in my new job of Director of Global Executive Education at Michigan State University, in East Lancing, I would like to thank the whole team at CDR for all your help during the process of selecting the correct job position for me over the last ten weeks. When I first met with you, I was very unsure about the sort of career I wanted to focus on. If anything, I had too little in the way of specifics and too many thoughts on options. Your thoughtful help and guidance, advice and just pure listening and understanding abilities helped me to create a specific campaign of engagement which resulted in the successful award of this job to me. It must be remembered that this position was granted to me despite the current economic conditions, and it just shows that if you can package the right product in the right place at the right time, excellent jobs are available at good salary levels. I know you will be continuing to mentor me over the coming months, and I look forward to your continuing advice guidance and friendship.

Best wishes Keith

cdrgroupinc - reviewed 9 years ago

I started with CDR after my recent employer was forced to close their business because of the economy. After months of looking on my own I was approached by CDR. At first I was skeptical but felt I had nothing to lose. CDR was the answer. They generated leads, gave me support but most important...prepared me for each interview I went to. Yes there was work on my part as well- I couldn't just sit back and hope that a job would fall in my lap. I had to work the process they laid out for me. I would recommend getting help and following up on each lead. Thanks to CDR I am happily employed and making more money than before!