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Saul Harrisaon - reviewed 9 months ago

I began working with Typists At Home one week ago today.  Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer helped me to get started.  This is the easiest money I have ever earned.  All I have to do is type and then I get paid.  I am so grateful and I highly recommend this company to everyone!

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Tabitha Bartholemew - reviewed 11 months ago

I cannot say enough good about this comapny and Nic Stinson and Scott Hoffer.  They are so helpful and I made $200 my first day just entering data into forms.  It is really easy.  Everyone should be doing this!

Katina Mansell - reviewed 1 years ago

I am so happy that I found Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer and Typists at Home.  I made $180 my first day.  She is so helpful, kind, sweet and this is the easiest way to make money I ever found.  Just type and hit send.  Highly recommend.  Five stars from Me:)

David Keele - reviewed 2 years ago

This is the best company in the world. Nic Stinson and Scott Hoffer have taught me how to make money Typing in the first day.  I just made $120 in 24 hours!  Everyone should get started!

Deborah Peacock - reviewed 2 years ago

I am very impressed. I don't quite often find myself writing reviews and all. x. But I am fond of both Nicolle Stinson and Mr Richard Scott Hoffer.  They are delightful to work with.  He is a jolly chap who helps both day and night.  Nicolle Stinson is such a knowledgeable young lady and she is always willing to share a helping hand.  I was able to earn a large sum of money my first week with this fine company and I am very, very pleased with that  Niolle was right by my side even though it was so easy to do she really didn't need to be.  Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer are A+ in my books and At Home Typists is the best company there is! 5 stars!!

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Leni Maxulili - reviewed 2 years ago

I am so glad that I decided to join this company.  The second I joined Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer immediately started to help me and I made money within an hour!  It has only been 12 hours since I started with this company and I have had five $18 payments come in already!  This company is wonderful!  I would tell anyone to join as soon as possible!

Kim Haynes - reviewed 2 years ago

I joined At Home Typists Inc with Nicolle Stinson 2 days ago and made 3 sales already and I am only doing this about 20 minutes a day!  Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer are both available day and night if I have any questions and they are both so helpful but this is seriously so super easy that I just couldn't believe it that my only questions have been "Is this really so easy? " lol.  

Tammy Newton-Thompson - reviewed 2 years ago

At Home Typist Inc is such a great company and Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer are the best trainers in the world. I made $180 in my first two days just by typing.  I didn't think it was going to be so easy and I did it all from my front porch lol

Bill Fritz - reviewed 3 years ago

At Home Typists Inc. is the best company around and I have joined many in the past.  I am so glad I joined Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer.  They are both so great and this is so easy.  All I do is type some forms and hit send and I made $118 my first day!  Thank you guys!

Christopher Thornton - reviewed 3 years ago

I joined At Home Typists Inc to work for myself.  I was able to make enough money to do just that.  Nic Stinson and Scott Hoffer both help every single day.  They are available day and night to answer everyone's questions and are both very helpful and professional.  I made money my very first day and have been making money evey single day since the day I joined.  I cannot believe how simple this is.  COMPLETELY LEGIT AND SUPER FUN!

Andrea Creskik - reviewed 3 years ago

Nicolle is a great mentor and coach. I honestly was lost with everything at first. Once I started her training program, everything became so easy. She helped me throughout and guided me. I'm so much better now! I made $400 in my first week!

Loreen Labana - reviewed 3 years ago

I started working with At Home Typists Inc. through the Career Seek Network 6 months ago.  I met Nicolle Stinson and Scott Hoffer and I am so glad I did.  Nic Lynn helps me and I have now been able to earn a full time income from home and I ave fully paid off my car payment and I don't have to send my son to daycare anymore.  I am so thankful I found this company.  The benefit package is wonderful and they help you every step of the way.  The only thing I regret is that I didn't find Nic online sooner!!!

John B - reviewed 3 years ago

 I've learned so much. I was working at Toyota, but just put in my two week notice because I'm now making more than I ever have.Nicolle Stinson is the real deal. If you stay coachable and hop on what she recommends you will be profitable."

Harriet Houghton - reviewed 3 years ago

I joined my friend in CashN Color and I am now making over $1000 a week just from coloring!  This is such an amazing company!  I wish I had joined sooner!!!

JENN - reviewed 3 years ago


John Walker - reviewed 3 years ago

At Home Typists Inc is a top notch company and Nicolle Stinson is the best training out there.  I heard she is also helping with a new company and I am going to look into them too!

Nikki Derkingschirk - reviewed 3 years ago

Everyone should make money coloring and Cash N Color pays so much money!  I quit my crappy job and now stay home with my kids!  I am so glad I found this company and I will stay with them FPREVER:)